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In today’s business environment, UCC128 labels and carton markings have become a necessary part of the criteria in order for vendors to do business with different trading partners.

UCC128 labels are pressure sensitive labels that are affixed to each carton and/or pallet and provide information about a particular shipment. This label alerts the trading partner about shipment information--who the vendor is, carton content, store ship to location, etc., and is a mix of both human readable as well as scannable information. The UCC128 label on every carton is scanned at its destination location and information usually is tied to an Advance Ship Notice that has already been transmitted via EDI to the trading partner.

UCC128 labels follow a specific guideline as set forth by the trading partner, and contain information adhering to the UCC (Uniform Code Council) and EAN (European Article Numbering) standard guidelines. This information helps aid your trading partners to automatically identify you within the global supply chain. By using the UCC128 label, vendors become compliant for trade throughout the world and across industry channels.

The most notable feature of the label is the SSCC-18 (Serial Container Shipping Code) found on every UCC128 label. This 20 digit number, human readable as well as scannable, allows a trading partner to not only identify you as a vendor but also provides information regarding a unique sequence for each carton. An example follows.

For more information regarding the UCC128 label for any trading partner you may deal with, please take the time to tell us about your bar code and label needs by completing our request for quote form.

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