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As an outsourcing company, Integration, Inc. can design, manage and deliver a check writing, printing or mailing solution that is right for your company. We offer an effective solution that is simple and provides you with real savings as well as results.

Currently Integration, Inc. writes thousands of checks a month for companies, who for various reasons, are not able to provide their own solutions. The check writing or check printing process is very easy to set up and can start working for you in as little as a few days. If your checks involve rebates, refunds, affiliate programs, etc., each check will be customized with your logo and address. Our streamlined services will enable us to cut checks on your bank account in a very short amount of time.

Once set up, your company can submit to Integration, Inc., a data file in any format (csv, comma delimited, etc.) that contains specific payee information. That same day we will clean your data, and cut and mail your checks. Integration, Inc. can also run an address validation process as well as a duplication check process to avoid any errors.

The pricing and proposals for our check processing services will be completely detailed for you. The end result will be a clear, effective and cost savings solution for you and your project. We get your check payments out when you need them out.


In addition to ensuring that your data is complete and accurate, Integration, Inc. has a wide range of security features that protects your data and reports any issues.

Customizing Your Check: When using our services, checks can be customized to your specific requirements. Your logo and address can be displayed and changes can be made quickly and easily. You have total control over the design and layout of your checks.
Sample Check 1 , Sample Check 2

Data File: Integration, Inc. will cut checks based on information from your data file. This file can be in any format as long as it provides us with enough information to be able to cut checks. Integration, Inc. can also edit or clean your data to ensure correct address information. We want to make certain your checks are delivered in a timely manner.

Reports:Upon your completed check run we will provide various standard check issuance reports for your records and use.
View a Sample Report

Your Bank Account: All checks will be issued against your bank account. We will receive your data file, process it and mail your checks. Check numbers can be sent to us as part of your data file or you can provide us with a starting check number that we will increment for you. We will provide your company with complete reporting showing the check number and check date assigned to each of your check records.

Postage: Integration, Inc. will ensure that your company gets the best possible postage rates by combining the mailing of your checks with other bulk mail. Depending on your volume, postage may need to be pre-paid.

1099s: If your company requires, Integration, Inc. can maintain, track and issue your 1099s.

Validation / Verification: Before Integration, Inc. represents a new client, we perform a fair and due diligence process to ensure that we know you as a client and your lines of business. This process may include a Dun & Bradstreet report, a Secretary of State search, contacting bank and business references, etc. In order to best support these efforts, we will take whatever time is necessary in our setup process to perform this research to the best our ability. We reserve the right to decline services if the results of this research are not within acceptable limits.


  • Easy Setup
  • Low Cost Solution
  • Customized Checks
  • Any Data File Format
  • Same Day Processing
  • Validation
  • Duplication Verification
  • Complete Reporting Function (xls, csv, pdf)
  • Great Customer Service
  • Best Possible Postage Rates
  • Multiple Forms of Check Stock
  • Track / Issue 1099s
  • Rebate Checks
  • Self-Mailer Checks

Founded in 1992, Integration, Inc. has been providing customers with real world customized solutions for EDI, Check Writing, Printing and Mailing services and Third Party Billing.. If you feel our check writing or check printing services would work for you, or if you have an application and you want to discuss your options, please take the time to tell us about your business needs by completing our Request for Quote form.

We offer check writing or check printing services for less than what it costs you to do it yourself!