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EDI Transaction Types

The following is a list of a variety of edi transaction types:

T-Set: 810 – Invoice

The 810 edi transaction Invoice is the electronic version of the paper-based invoice document.

T-Set: 820 – Payment Order/Remittance Advice

The edi X12 820 transaction set provides the edi format for transmitting information relating to payments.

T-Set: 832 – Price/Sales Catalog

The edi 832 Price/Sales Catalog transaction set is used to electronically request or provide the prices of goods or services.

T-Set: 850 – Purchase Order

The 850 edi transaction is a Purchase Order transaction set, used to place an order for goods or services.

T-Set: 852 – Product Activity Data

The 852 edi transaction set is the standard data format for providing trading partners with product SKU activity data, such as inventory level, sales levels, etc.

T-Set: 855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgment

The edi X12 855 transaction set is a Purchase Order Acknowledgement. It is used by sellers to confirm the receipt of a purchase order via the 850 transaction set.

T-Set: 856 – Ship Notice/Manifest

The 856 edi transaction is more commonly called the Advance Ship Notice or ASN. It is utilized to electronically communicate the contents of a shipment.

T-Set: 860 – Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated

The 860 edi transaction set represents the electronic Purchase Order Change Request. It is used by buyers to request a change to a purchase order.

T-Set: 867 – Product Transfer and Resale Report

The 867 edi transaction set represents a Product Transfer and Resale Report. It is used to provide information on a product that has been transferred or re-sold.

T-Set: 997 – Functional Acknowledgment

The edit 997 transaction set, known as the Functional Acknowledgment or FA, is sent as a response to another edi transaction being received.

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