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Rebate fulfillmentThe Integration, Inc. fulfillment center can offer a complete fulfillment service as part of your rebate fulfillment program. Your rebate fulfillment offering might result in the mailing of a check or a product to your customer. Other fulfillment needs might include mailing out promotion materials or literature.  Whatever you require, Integration, Inc. can help:

Rebate Fulfillment

  • Sweepstakes Fulfillment
  • Rebate Fulfillment
  • Gift Card Fulfillment
  • Product Fulfillment
  • Literature Fulfillment

Integration, Inc. handles some of the most intricate rebate programs, focusing on reducing costs and providing program accuracy as our number one priority.

Rebate Fulfillment Services

Our priority always remains focused on the details of each business’s projects and how best to complete them. Integration, Inc. works to micromanage every detail of every program to ensure seamless completion of every rebate fulfillment project. When running a client rebate program, Integration, Inc. offers a diverse range of unique solutions designed to protect each company and their brand. The Integration, Inc. rebate fulfillment processing solutions include:

  • Program consulting
  • Form design
  • Printing
  • Distribution
  • Data capture
  • Flexible solutions
  • Gift cards/prepaid gift cards
  • Messaging
  • Customer service
  • Fraud control

Some of Integration, Inc.’s rebate types include:

  • Service provider rebates
  • Stand-alone rebate offers
  • Online rebate processing
  • Mail-in rebate processing

We take the headache out of managing your rebate fulfillment program by allowing the experts at Integration, Inc. to complete and manage these tasks for you. Contact Integration, Inc. today for more information regarding our fulfillment services.

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