2021 Requires Business Efficiency

Dec 10, 2020

Stop Manually Processing Now; Add BPA to Your Business.

Coming to the end of 2020, most businesses are looking forward to a better year in 2021, and if your business is one of them, integrating Business Process Automation (BPA) must be a top consideration.

As a business owner looking to improve the internal processing efficiency of your business, consider the following questions:

  • How many emails do you receive needing approval for a project or process to be completed?
  • Are these processing requests holding up processing timelines?
  • How do you currently process tasks and track progress?
  • Are you tracking progress using paper forms and manual filing?
  • Do you need more data to show inconsistencies in productivity?
  • Are there times you want to improve a process but are unable to overhaul the process because it is overly complicated?

It would be all to common for a business owner to feel overwhelmed at the thought of changing a long-kept process that “does work”. Consider how you feel at this moment and now ask yourself the following:

  • How would you feel if you were able to click an ‘Approve’ button for every request that arrived in your inbox?
  • What if you never needed to complete a paper form and manually search for forms ever again?
  • What if you were able to critically analyze any business process at any time?
  • What would happen if you were able to improve internal processes quickly and push them out to the organization in real-time?
  • What if your business process worked seamlessly in the background of your organization allowing you, as the business owner, to focus on other, more revenue-driven areas of your business?

Why Business Process Automation?

Integrating strategic BPA into your business means improving efficiency in processing related to an array of internal processing services, such as checking writing services, third party billing, rebate fulfillment, barcode labels and more. Adding BPA to your business can also include further refining your business-to-business communications through the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), resulting in improved processing through decreased error rates, decreased processing times, and reduced processing costs across the board.

Implementing business process automation to your organization allows you the processing flexibility your business needs to survive, and more! We’ve collected our top 3 reasons your business should add BPA to it’s internal processing for the new year:


Adding an automated workflow to internal business processes allows your business to clean all your internal, non-core business procedures, while streamlining the communication process by offering access to all information through one dashboard. Each part of each workflow process has its own unique line of communication. This allows irregularities and any discussion to be tracked and accounted for.

Not only does adding BPA streamline your processing, it also, as a result, cuts processing times virtually in half, reduces processing costs related to employees manually completing processing tasks, and improves customer satisfaction.


Manually processing tasks can be tedious and human error is inevitable. Using BPA allows organizations like yours to assign an “owner” to each step of the automated process. Each time an action is performed, the employee who performed the action is attached to that action. Time is of the essence when resolving errors in processing. BPA is here to eliminate those errors, producing higher accuracy results, less time resolving issues and more time processing a larger volume.

By implementing an automated workflow process throughout your organization, your business can divert expensive costs associated with errors and inefficiencies. Through automated business process transparency, an employee owns a business process, and the performance of that process will reflect on the employee. Because there are so many expensive errors that can occur in a business, implementing an automated business process allows you to track the current stage and location of any item, helping to avoid costly errors.


If your business is still manually processing checks, rebates, third party billing, etc., BPA is something you absolutely cannot ignore if you hope to compete in business in 2021. Manual processing is archaic and cannot compete with businesses using BPA because manual processing is so costly compared to the efficiency of Business Process Automation. It’s really as simple as that.

There are BPA experts who are there to help your business succeed and do so quickly and with valued cost-savings. Companies, such as Integration, Inc. specialize in refining business systems and implementing BPA strategically across businesses like yours.

Meet A BPA Expert

Integration, Inc. is an industry-leading Business Process Automation and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider specializing in streamlining and successfully implementing non-core processing services to your business, such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)Check Writing services & Check Printing servicesRebate Fulfillment servicesBarcode Labeling services and Third Party Billing services to thousands of companies across the globe.

The Integration, Inc. team offers clients extensive internal business processing experience that brings great benefits to your company. Integration, Inc. values and understands that the BPA technology playing field is constantly in motion and progressing. That is why their team works diligently to remain current and successful for their clients every day. When your business does not have the resources to keep up with this ever-changing technology and an increasingly hectic processing environment, that’s when Integration, Inc. can help. Contact the Integration, Inc. team today for more information (860) 623-0004 |customerservice@integrationinc.com.

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