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If You Need EDI, Barcodes Are
a Likely Requirement

Barcode labels tie in nicely with EDI and in many cases barcode labels are an additional requirement placed on a company when EDI is implemented.

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Barcode Standards

Barcode labels are used as part of the shipping process. Your customer is most likely going to require that a barcode label, usually called a UCC128 barcode label, be placed on each box or pallet at time of shipment. These labels are designed in such a way that they uniquely identify the box or pallet so it can be tracked through the shipping and receiving process. Some common label formats could look like this:

Sample Amazon barcode
Sample Saks Fifth Avenue barcode

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  • Save time and money by outsourcing your barcode labeling needs.
  • Purchasing barcode labeling equipment can be expensive and the expertise needs to execute labels is overwhelming.
  • Barcode Labels are a basic requirement for working with your customers, consolidating supply chain, and streamlining transit.

About Barcode Labels

Why are barcode labels important?

In today’s technologically driven-business climate, GS1-128 barcode labels and carton markings have become a requisite part of the criteria in order for vendors to do business with their customers. If your customer is requesting Advance Ship Notices (ASN), chances are they will also ask you to provide UCC-128 barcode labels as well.

The purpose of GS1-128 barcode labels (formerly known as UCC-128 or EAN-128) is to establish a standard way of labeling a package so the company receiving the package knows its contents by scanning the label and tying it to the ASN. This technology allows the supply chain to run much more smoothly by automating the shipping piece of the process. It results in less paper, less human error and ultimately more profit for all parties involved.

GS1-128 barcode labels are pressure sensitive barcode labels that are affixed to each carton or pallet and provide information about a particular shipment. These barcode labels alert your customer to shipment information, such as the vendor, carton content, store shipment location, etc., and is a mix of both readable and scanned information. The UCC-128 barcode label on every carton is scanned at each destination. This information usually is tied to an ASN that has already been transmitted via Electronic Data Interchange (link: (EDI) to your customer.

By providing certain pieces of information to Integration, Inc. regarding your shipment, our dedicated staff will print and overnight the barcode labels to you. Our service will save your company time and money by not having to purchase barcode labels software and by not having in-house expertise required to use this software. There are also no change fees or maintenance when your customers change their barcode labels requirements.

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