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  • Integration, Inc. Are the Experts At Check Writing
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  • Exceptional Customer Service & Response Times
  • Safe/Secure Systems
  • No Equipment or Reoccuring Maintenance
  • Scalability
  • Transactional Savings

Our Check Printing Process

Send Data Anyway You Want

Once your check printing services account is set up, you can submit a data file in any format (CSV, comma delimited, etc.) that contains the specific payout information you want Integration, Inc. to process.

Customized Checks

Additionally, each check will be customized with your logo and address. Integration, Inc.’s streamlined check printing services will enable us to issue checks on your bank account in a very short amount of time.

Same Day Processing

Our expert check printing services team processes your check printing order the same day it is received. Integration, Inc. can also run an address validation process to avoid any errors in your check printing services account.

Easy Account Setup

Your check printing services account is easily set up and can start working for your company in as little as a few days. If your check printing projects involve rebates, refunds, affiliate programs, accounts payable, etc., Integration, Inc. can combine these efforts for you as well!

Straight Forward Pricing

Integration, Inc. designs, manages and delivers check printing services and check mailing solutions to businesses nationwide. What makes Integration, Inc.’s check printing services and check mailing services so different is the simple and straightforward pricing you receive from the very beginning. There are never any hidden check printing costs. Our check printing services include the entire check printing and check mailing process from start to finish.

We offer check printing services for less than what it costs you to process them in-house!

If you look at what it costs to process checks in-house: staff, (salary, insurance, vacation, sick time, 401k, etc.), check printer, postage machine, MICR toner, check stock, etc. and then the time it takes to print the check, review them, stuff them into envelopes and apply postage, Integration, Inc’s check writing services will be less expensive.

In-House Check Printing Expenses
  • Check Software
  • Address Verification
  • People (salary, insurance, vacation, sick time, benefits)
  • Check Printer
  • Postage Machine
  • Equipment Upgrades & Maintenance
  • MICR Toner
  • Check Stock
  • Envelopes
  • Folder/Inserter Machine
  • Printing Checks
  • Reviewing Checks
  • Sealing Checks
  • Applying Postage to Checks
  • Time
Use Integration & Save
  • Send Integration, Inc. a data file and it will be
    quickly, accurately and securely processed
  • No more headaches/hassle-free

Our Check Printing Services Include:

  • Clear & Concise Check Printing Solutions
  • No Hidden Fees — Check Printing & Check Mailing Services Clearly Defined
  • Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology in Check Processing
  • Easy Check Printing Setup With a Low One-Time Setup Fee
  • Quick Customer Setup
  • Competitive Pricing Solutions
  • Complete Security & Authentication
  • One-Time or Ongoing Check Printing Runs
  • Customized Checks
  • Use Any Data File Format
  • Same-Day Check Processing
  • Validation/Duplication & Verification
  • Complete & Accurate Check Printing Reports (XLS, CSV)
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Best Possible Postage Rates (NCOA/CASS & Presort)
  • Multiple Types of Check Stock
  • Track/Issue 1099s

Integration, Inc. works to provide your business with increased check printing efficiency by offering effective check printing solutions that are simple and accurate every time. Our expert solutions provide your business with real savings and real results. From one check to thousands, Integration, Inc. will design, manage, and execute your check printing services projects from beginning to end, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

The end result is clear, Integration, Inc. is the effective check printing services cost savings solution for your company. We provide many standard reports and can also design specific reports according to your specifications.

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