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Third Party
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For companies with a large volume of invoices each week, every two weeks or monthly. We can help process that data and get those invoices printed and mailed out.

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    Send Integration, Inc. a data file
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    Integration, Inc. will load this data into our system
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    Integration, Inc. will print, insert and mail your invoices, statements or other required printed material

First Party vs Third Party Billing

Everyone has a different understanding of what third party billing means. First party billing means a company sends out their invoices on their own. This can be time consuming, and require company resources and staff.

Third party billing is as simple as a company sending us their invoices and we print and mail them on their behalf, basically a printing and mailing service. The data could be in a PDF where we just print the invoices (in black & white or in color) or the data could be in a data file that we load into the Integration, Inc. system and then print your invoices to a template we have customized for you.

Another concept of third party billing is best explained via an example. Let’s say a donut company has many locations and they have a dumpster at each location and they deal with the same dumpster company. The donut company wants to receive one invoice from the dumpster company for their 500 locations and the dumpster company can’t do that. Our third party billing services would process those invoices, consolidate them and provide one invoice to the donut company.

About Third Party Billing

What is ‘Third Party Billing’?

Third party billing is the streamlined process which allows a company to bill an outside organization for their services. Integration, Inc.’s third party billing program is unique in that we assist you in consolidating your billing invoices, which will enhance the billing process to your customers. We offer a complete printing and mailing solution for your billing documents through our extensive processing features.

With more than 20 years of third party billing industry knowledge, your organization can depend on Integration, Inc. to complete the processing of your billing documents with 100% accuracy. Integration, Inc. works hand-in-hand with every client to define, analyze and implement the appropriate billing solutions, saving you time, money and making life easier for your billing staff. Integration, Inc. continues to be a third party billing services industry-leader by delivering effective and flexible billing solutions that take your business to a higher level of efficiency and productivity, while remaining cost effective.

The best part of using Integration, Inc. is that you do not need to change the way you do business! It’s that simple! Integration, Inc. will adjust to the way you already do business. You choose how to get us the third party billing data using the format that is best for you. We have complete flexibility to process an incoming invoice in any format you choose.

The security of your company’s information is critical to Integration, Inc. We work diligently to take every precaution to protect our customer’s third party billing information. Integration, Inc. is continuously striving to improve and enhance its security procedures on a daily basis. We will formulate a solution that will allow your company to use its resources more efficiently, contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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