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Integration, Inc. provides a wide variety of business process outsourcing services. Each of our primary services are as follows:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):

business process outsourcing electronic data interchange-EDI

As one of our primary business process outsourcing services, Integration, Inc. provides immediate and cost effective methods for complying with the EDI requirements. These EDI requirements are used for trading partners through a variety of EDI solutions (customers and suppliers). As an EDI Service Bureau, Integration, Inc. offers businesses solutions for receiving EDI documents or sending EDI documents in a variety of formats. This enables your company to send and receive your EDI documents in a manner that works within your existing structure.

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Check Writing & Check Printing Services:

business process outsourcing check writing services

Integration, Inc. considers its check writing and check printing services to be a primary business function. As part of Integration, Inc.’s beneficial business process outsourcing services, Integration, Inc.’s expert team designs, manages and delivers check writing, check printing and check mailing business process outsourcing solutions that are cost effective for your company. Integration, Inc. offers an effective solution that is simple and provides you with real savings as well as results.

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Rebate Processing Services:

business process outsourcing rebate processing

Integration, Inc. has the capability to manage rebate programs from concept to completion as part of our specialized rebate business process outsourcing solutions. Integration, Inc. also provides complete rebate processing support when you need it most. As part of Integration, Inc.’s rebate business process outsourcing services, their expert team processes all of the following: promotional fulfillment, sweepstakes fulfillment, rebate fulfillment, product fulfillment, literature fulfillment, mail order fulfillment and e-fulfillment.

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Third Party Services:

business process outsourcing third party billing

Integration, Inc. is a full service business process outsourcing third party billing provider. You can depend on Integration, Inc. for the complete printing and mailing of your billing documents every time. As an industry-leading third party billing business process outsourcing provider, Integration, Inc. works with your business every step of the way to establish an efficient and productive third party billing business process outsourcing procedure.

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Barcode Labels:

business process outsourcing barcode labels

Integration, Inc. is a complete and reliable resource for all your barcode labels business process outsourcing needs. In today’s technologically driven business climate, UCC-128 barcode labels (GS1-128) and carton markings have become a requisite part of the criteria vendors need to do business with different customers. If your customer is requesting Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) transactions, chances are they will also ask you to provide UCC-128 barcode labels. Integration, Inc. can help you support these requirements.

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Customer Testimonial:

“Service is outstanding. Any questions or requests have consistently been promptly acknowledged and answered. Customer service is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.” – Tofutti Brands, Inc.

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