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Rebate Processing Services

rebate processingIntegration, Inc. offers full-service management of rebate processing services from concept to completion. Additionally, Integration, Inc. offers an array of strategic processing values through innovative methods that:

  • Minimize rebate processing program costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Streamline and simplify rebate processes for your business customers
  • Provide courteous and professional customer service assistance to your customers
  • Eliminate financial risk through streamlined financial management, as well as rebate controls and regulations

We are a Focused Specialty Rebate Business

Integration, Inc.’s goal is to provide it’s customers with an enhanced customer experience, while completing rebate processing services successfully. Integration, Inc.’s rebate processing programs are based on completely integrated, flexible and scalable rebate processing platforms. These platforms include:

  • Specialized rebate processing account team
  • Cutting-edge rebate processing technology
  • Rebate processing services plans showing strategic direction and guidelines for implementation of electronic solutions
  • Analysis and reporting of program rebate performance

Integration, Inc. prides itself in providing full-spectrum management of the entire rebate process. Supported by multiple innovations and experienced staff, Integration, Inc., can develop a complete, branded rebate web portal for your company. Integration, Inc. will customize this portal to your exact requirements and also focus on securely collecting your data and validating rebate compliance based on guidelines defined for your specific rebate program.

We support the following Rebate Processing Functions:

  • Data collection and accumulation
  • Rebate validation / compliance
  • Fulfillment services processing (hard copy check, coupon, etc.)
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Follow up and evaluation of results

Integration, Inc. will keep your customers in-the-loop by notifying them of the status of their rebate processing services. Integration, Inc. fulfills rebate processing by issuing a hard copy check or by mailing out a coupon or product. With the rebate processing data stored in our system, we can provide your company with reports and analysis to help you better understand your sales and the success of your rebate services program. Contact Us today to find out how we can help your rebate program succeed.

Customer Testimonials:

“We have enjoyed working with Integration for almost 16 years! The EDI processes are seamless and we enjoy the additional personalized help when needed.” – Barry’s Bakery

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