What is Outsourced Check Writing

Jun 3, 2022

Outsourcing your check writing involves having a trusted third party, like Integration, Inc., manage all your check writing and printing services for you. The idea is that a file of your check data can be sent to Integration, Inc. for processing. Checks are issued on your bank account and the check is customized to match what you are sending out today. Our services are transparent to anyone receiving the check. In most cases, checks are processed the same day the check file is received. Integration, Inc. processes checks for accounts payable checks, company refund checks, rebate fulfillment checks, warranty refund checks and many more.

This is known as “managed” or “outsourced” check writing. Let us look at how outsourced check writing and printing can be a good fit for your business.

Is outsourcing your check writing effective? 

Outsourcing your check writing is effective on a wide variety of fronts. When you have a managed check writing service, you will experience:

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: This is the result of reduced internal processing time in your company, which lets checks clear faster.
  • Cost Efficiency: The equipment, supplies, and personnel required for processing checks and payments will no longer be an operational burden on your company.
  • Risk and Revenue Enhancements: Having your checks processed faster will reduce the likelihood of check returns and fraud. You will also have checks that clear your company’s bank account faster.

How does outsourcing your check writing work? 

When you work with Integration, Inc. to outsource your check writing, the process is simple. You simply send the data any way you want (like a CSV file). We then can process your checks within the same business day. We can customize your checks to include your logo, address, and other relevant information. We also have checks and balances in place to make sure that there are no errors in your checks when they go to print. Our systems are also fully secure and any of your data is always protected.

What are some of the benefits of working with Integration, Inc. for check processing? 

If you are looking to cut out the cost of printing checks, Integration, Inc. can help you. Some of the advantages we offer include a very clear and concise fee structure, lightning-fast turnaround time on checks, mailing, and easy customer setup. When you work with Integration, Inc., check printing and mailing is as easy as uploading your payment information. We also offer reliable reporting to help you analyze your cash flow each month. 

Is outsourced check writing the right service? 

Outsourced check writing is a good service for your business if you are in the practice of issuing a large number of checks. Our services will allow you to re-position staff to more profitable positions. We will allow you to reduce your costs for equipment, supplies, and office space. With employees now working from home, with outsourcing, you no longer need to support this task in-house, Integration, Inc. can handle it all for you.  

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