How to Choose the Right EDI Integration Provider

Sep 26, 2023

For a small or medium-sized business, EDI software is absolutely essential to growth. Without it, you may miss opportunities to begin new partnerships or expand your business. 

However, implementing and maintaining EDI software to onboard new partners and stay EDI compliant with existing agreements can be confusing and challenging. Opting for an EDI integration provider is a practical solution to meet your needs. We’ll explain the basics of EDI integration provider services, including how to choose the right one. 

What Is an EDI Integration Provider?

An EDI integration provider offers software that can integrate internal and external systems and standardize data for communication with partners. 

When you choose to work with an EDI integration provider, you’ll be able to streamline and automate a lot of your communication systems and processes. From promptly onboarding new partnerships to reducing human errors within your communication channels, the right EDI integration provider will help your business become more efficient and productive, so you can focus on expanding your business. 

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing for Your EDI Needs?

For small businesses looking to grow, implementing EDI may be essential to forming trade partnerships with large companies. Most corporations conduct B2B communications with EDI software and require the same of their partners. In order to remain compliant, smaller businesses will need to integrate this software into their processes quickly and efficiently. 

EDI integration providers can find the right solutions promptly to ensure that your business can communicate effectively with all partners, vendors, customers, and others. Most small businesses don’t have the resources or available personnel to perform this job effectively. Outsourcing for EDI integration services is often the most practical and cost-efficient solution for small or medium-sized businesses rather than implementing an in-house EDI plan.

How Do You Choose the Right EDI Integration Provider?

An outsourcing solution for an EDI integration provider can be the right place to start for many businesses on the path to growth. But, how do you know which provider to go with? There are a few features and considerations you should consider when choosing a provider. 

Meeting EDI Requirements

It’s important to choose a provider that can support whatever EDI requirements a partner might request. Companies will likely have different requirements. You’ll want to go with a provider that can review and ensure full compliance with document standards set forth by your trading partners. 

Quick Turnaround Times

Implementing EDI integration software can be confusing and challenging to do on your own. By outsourcing all your EDI requirements, you’ll save a lot of time. The right provider will be able to set up the right EDI solutions to meet your needs quickly, in a few days or a week, not months. 

When you’re onboarding new partners, you’ll need to ensure that you become fully compliant with their requirements within the timeline given. If you don’t manage to set up your EDI systems accordingly, you’ll likely lose out on a potential partnership, which can cost your business. A provider will be able to quickly and accurately review standards to ensure you are fully compliant as quickly as possible.


The right EDI integration provider will work with you and your trading partners to comply with testing requirements. During this time, you’ll see how the data flows. With data visibility, you’ll be able to see how to improve and strengthen your trading partnerships and other areas of your communication systems and processes.

EDI Solutions That Can Be Scaled as Your Business Grows

You’ll want to work with an EDI provider that can offer scalable solutions for your growing business. Over time, your EDI needs will likely change and expand. When that happens, you’ll need a provider that can manage your growth. 

Experience, Customer Service, and Reputation

When choosing an EDI provider, you’ll want to consider their experience, reputation, and customer service. You’ll want to go with a provider that provides personalized approaches and solutions that work for your business. You’ll also want full customer support to accomplish your goals and keep your systems running smoothly. 

EDI integration services may be necessary for your business to grow. For small or medium-sized businesses outsourcing your EDI needs is often the best approach. The right EDI provider will help streamline your communications and standardize your data to ensure full compliance with your trading partners. We’re able to handle all your EDI needs promptly and efficiently. Get in contact with our team to start discussing EDI solutions for your business.

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