Benefits of Partnering with a Rebate Fulfillment Expert

Apr 10, 2020

Does your organization process rebate fulfillment in-house as part of your business strategy? If so, it is important to be sure all consumers experience a seamless and almost effortless rebate fulfillment process. If you’re business is falling short with rebate fulfillment, consider the benefits of partnering with a rebate fulfillment expert, like Integration, Inc.

Rebate Fulfillment Facts

Because maintaining an in-house rebate fulfillment process is so detail-orientated, partnering with an expert rebate fulfillment third party for your rebate fulfillment needs will allow your organization to become organized, streamlined, decrease overall processing costs and you’ll gain customer satisfaction!

  • 97% of consumers are seeking simple deals and sales while shopping that require limited processing and fast turnaround time and service.
  • Over 87% of consumers are specifically seeking out rebate offers, coupons and promotions while shopping.
  • 82% of consumers say rebates are great savings opportunities, but 65% of those consumers also say rebates provide better savings compared to special sale offers, when processed correctly.

Top 3 Benefits of Partnering with a Rebate Fulfillment Third Party Expert

When completing the rebate fulfillment process, there are three primary business functions that are positively impacted by partnering with a rebate fulfillment third party expert:

Enhanced Customer Experience & Cost-Savings

Representatives can access all customer rebate fulfillment data in real time, including images of the original rebate submission defining each account. As a result, rebate fulfillment confusion is removed. The ripple effect then starts as customer service call duration is reduced, as well as the number of follow-up calls required to verify information. In the end, this reduces the overall cost for a company by nearly 50%, in addition to improving customer satisfaction.

Fully Automated Order Process

 By partnering with a rebate fulfillment partner and utilizing image-enabling rebate fulfillment functionality, you’ll rule your rebate fulfillment process in no time. Using a fully automated order process, data capture systems accurately auto-sort qualified and unqualified rebates. In addition, using an auto processing system, human error is decreased, and rebate fulfillment data can be shared instantly, all but eliminating the additional cost connected to manual data entry.

Sales are Impacted by Utilizing Imaging 

Not utilizing rebate fulfillment imaging is a barrier to successfully selling rebate processing services worldwide. There is a reason more and more businesses are adopting these tools. The biggest reason is because these tools add a competitive edge for your sales professionals to offer existing and prospective customers the rebate fulfillment services required. This can dramatically and quickly improve your sales team’s ability to differentiate your company from competitors.

The Next Steps in Rebate Fulfillment

So now you know the primary benefits of rebate fulfillment streamlining, how do you turn your business around? It’s simple. You outsource the process to a team of professionals. Doing so allows your company to focus on adding more customers, increasing sales, marketing your services and products and accommodating current customers.

If you’re ready to take the next step in rebate fulfillment processing by partnering with an expert rebate fulfillment company, call Integration, Inc. today to speak to one of our knowledgeable outsourcing professionals (860) 623-0004. Integration, Inc. specializes in adding and monitoring the following services to your business: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)Check Writing services & Check Printing servicesRebate Fulfillment servicesBarcode Labeling services and Third Party Billing services

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