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Sep 1, 2020

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is revolutionizing modern businesses. EDI focuses on the electronic data exchange services that reduce the pressure on your workforce in manually handling orders, records and data and instead allows you to standardize your business practices for a more effective workflow. Integration, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of EDI services that provide robust and secure management of all of your business-related documentation for less overheads and more control of how you manage your work.

EDI Solutions that Streamline the Way You Work

Transferring your business over to a more efficient way of working provides you with numerous benefits in terms of processing time, reduced costs and fewer errors. With Integration, Inc., you now have the power to provide consistent workflows at every level of your business to protect your assets and information. As the leading EDI service provider in the country, we focus on what your company truly needs to reduce overheads and increase productivity.

Smart EDI Outsourcing Services

At the heart of EDI is the standardization of documentation for enhanced continuity between your business partners. EDI order processing removes the middle man from the process for a higher level of integrity and efficiency. Purchase orders are sent directly to the supplier for faster fulfillment and lower costs. EDI is designed to replace all paper handling and provide a more innovative and secure way to perform the tasks that make your business run.

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The team at Integration, Inc. is proud to offer the most robust EDI solutions to cater for any type of business. Our expert consultants will guide you on the aspects of your business that would benefit from EDI services for a more efficient way of working. To learn more about our solutions, call today at (860) 623-0004.

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