Improve Business Efficiency in 3 Easy Steps

Jan 14, 2021

As new business channels and technology accelerate in development, currently relevant businesses need to also progress to remain relevant. Improving business efficiency through automated processing is a great place to start!

Today, in 2021, the modern business model needs the ability to drive continuous digitization and transformation. From check writing services to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), third party billing, barcode labels, etc., to working in the field, and everything in between, your daily job is about following several steps to complete business processes.

Logically, the more efficient and effective you are in streamlining and organizing business processes, the more accurately and productively these processes get completed. This in turn saves your business money and works to improve revenue. Consider the following steps when working to streamline your business processes to improve efficiency in processing workflows:

Get Organized for Optimum Business Efficiency

Working with an expert Business Process Automation (BPA) company will allow you to take advantage of their experience and financial technological investments. Integration, Inc. is a successful, U.S.-based organization specializing in the addition of business process automation to companies just like yours. Streamlining non-core business processes require the usage of modernizing techniques, technology, and other possible approaches to complete business streamlining successfully. This is a major reason why working with a BPA expert can be most cost-effective and successful.

Working with a BPA expert like Integration, Inc. also allows your business to be guided to automate the most strategic areas of your business first. We suggest starting with creating a list of all the processes or workflows that your business follows daily. Segment the list by department and human interaction for extreme accuracy.  List each process, write down what you believe the purpose of that process is, and then list anyone within your organization involved with this process. It may seem elementary but, starting the process this way will allow you to visually absorb each process in detail.

Prioritize Business Processes

business efficiency

Once you have created a list of internal, non-core business processes, most business owners are surprised at just how many processes they and their employees must follow on a daily or weekly basis to do their work. In reviewing this process list, determine the importance of each task. Begin with listing the processes that would close the business if they did not get completed. End with processes that are not detrimental to the primary, core functionality of the business. In the end you should have two lists: core business processes vs. non-core (supportive) business processes.

Dissect Each Business Process for Improved Efficiency

A BPA expert will guide you through your business process review one-by-one, breaking down and outlining each task process, step-by-step from beginning to completion of the task. The more detailed and specific, the more helpful this will be for you to refer to in the future as your business grows. Many business processes are complex, so it is easy to get caught up in various conditions, dependencies, or decision points within any process. What is most important is to generally capture the beginning, middle and desired outcome of the process you are trying to streamline.

Now that you have an accurate and detailed list of your internal business processes, you have broken down each process intricately, and you have gathered feedback from your team, it is time to consider your areas of business expertise and the areas in which you are lacking.

Your Business Process Automation Expert

Your business is an expert in your primary, revenue generating function, but when considering increasing productivity for the supporting areas of your business, such as electronic data interchange (EDI), check printing and check writingthird party billingrebate processing and rebate fulfillmentbarcode labels, etc., it can also be a benefit to select a third party expert to complete these redundant tasks.

The Integration, Inc. team provides cutting edge technology resources to clients across the country. Clients just like your organization. From the initial assessment through deployment and ongoing services, Integration, Inc. works to help clients achieve unprecedented business outcomes by working to solve the most complex processing issues.

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