Top 3 Benefits of Rebate Fulfillment Imaging

Mar 4, 2016

rebate fullfillment

When processing rebate fulfillment, there are three primary business functions that are positively affected by choosing to process rebate fulfillment via image:

  1. Customer Service Representatives are instantly able to access all customer rebate fulfillment data, including images of the original rebate submission, which clearly defines the account in question. In doing so, this greatly reduces confusion throughout the customer’s call experience, reduces call duration, as well as the number of follow-up calls required to verify information. Simply this benefit can reduce the overall cost-savings for a company of nearly 50%, not to mention the improvement in customer satisfaction.
  2. Utilizing image-enabling rebate fulfillment functionality creates a fully automated order process. Through a fully automated order process, data capture systems are able to accurately auto-sort qualified and unqualified rebates. By using images and an auto processing system, human error is decreased and rebate fulfillment data can be shared from coast to coast instantly, virtually eliminating the additional cost connected to manual data entry.
  3. Adversely, not utilizing rebate fulfillment imaging is quickly becoming a barrier to selling rebate processing services worldwide. Sales and marketing efforts are great impacted by utilizing Imaging for rebate fulfillment services. These tools add a competitive edge for your sales professionals to offer existing and prospective customers the services they require. Think about it, in an Instant new customer are able to access and view end-user images, online process auditing showing increased accuracy, online archiving potential and many more! This can dramatically improve your sales team’s ability to differentiate your company from competitors.

So now you know the benefits of rebate fulfillment imaging, how do you accomplish this? It’s very simple. You outsource the process to a team of professionals. Doing so allows your company to focus on adding more customers, increasing sales, marketing your services and products and accommodating current customers. The benefits of rebate fulfillment outsourcing include:

  • Experience of accurate rebate fulfillment using the latest technology
  • Up to date knowledge of parameters and scope of the project
  • Automated mail sorting and processing systems already established
  • Cost-savings benefits
  • Improved accuracy through automated processing
  • Improved customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee productivity

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