The Benefits of Outsourcing the Rebate Fulfillment Process

Mar 7, 2016

Benefits of Outsourcing the Rebate Fulfillment ProcessYou are a business owner. Your business starts to grow. You are gaining momentum and nothing can stop you! Or can it? Of course it can. Once a business gains a healthy momentum, the demand for attention to business processes increases. If you are not ready, you are already derailed!

Don’t let positive business momentum ruin your business. So many organizations fall victim to growing so fast that the quality of their service or product crashes. At this moment, when your business begins to take off, many companies seek a reliable third party logistics company to partner with in order to outsource their fulfillment needs.

One might ask why a business owner would essentially hand over their business processing to another company just as the business is becoming successful. And, this is a valid question. But ask yourself this: if I cannot complete fulfillment properly and in a timely fashion, won’t it destroy my business anyway? Well, similar to how you are the expert on your business products and services, fulfillment outsourcing companies specialize in accurately processing business rebate fulfillment needs.

Finding a rebate fulfillment outsourcing partner to handle your fulfillment services has many benefits, including providing peace of mind to you that your fulfillment needs are being met and customers are receiving the right products and services. The following are some of the benefits of outsourcing your order fulfillment processes:

  • Experienced processing of both manual and automated systems
  • Capability to manage and process thousands of requests daily
  • Automatic mail sorting capability reduces human error and increases productivity
  • Creation of custom applications for business needs
  • Bonus incentives are integrated to goal milestones, which ensures additional success
  • Imaging features, such as web-based reporting, offer sales and marketing team competitive tools to set themselves apart from others within the market
  • Eliminate the need for existing property leases
  • Able to focus on a variable cost over fixed cost associated with rebate fulfillment storing and processing needs
  • Reduces manual order-processing costs
  • Relocation of functions such as data entry to lower cost labor markets that comply with security requirements
  • Reduce call center costs by providing online access to images for CSRs QUALITY BENEFITS
  • Lean Six Sigma implementation to eliminate non-value-added steps to decrease cost and improve quality
  • Business Engineering Department oversight of the entire transition
  • Quality benchmarks of all processes with continuous improvement initiatives

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