Top 6 Benefits Good Rebate Processing Companies Offer

Mar 11, 2016

benefits good rebate processing companies offerSo, you are a business owner or manager who is at the point of considering hiring a company to process your rebate fulfillment needs. The best place to begin is to consider all your business expenditures associated with the rebate fulfillment process. When you start to think about all of the costs involved in maintaining your own warehouse and hiring staff, it’s easy to see how a rebate fulfillment outsourcing company may be able to provide you enough cost-savings to justify the fact that you will have indirect control over the order fulfillment process.

A rebate processing company has the ability to offer your business fundamental processing options, such as totally fixed costs, flat-rate shipping, bulk-cost processing, and more. These savings will inevitably assist you in combining your expenses into your business cost model. In simple terms, you will likely receive a volume discount based on the amount of rebate fulfillment your company needs to outsource.

Obviously, the opposite is true as well. You may be a very small business owner with little or no employees. Rather you enlist the help of friends and family to fulfill order requirements. This is great! It keeps your functional costs down leaving you with mostly profit. But how much time are you investing in this process? Are you able to enjoy life at all? Will you be able to keep up with demand indefinitely? Probably not. Now image not needing to complete these remedial processing tasks any longer. You and your group of people would now be free to participate in sales and marketing goals, bring in more business, and grow your brand! All this while fulfillment is completed at the same time. It’s time to consider the real benefits of outsourcing rebate fulfillment processing:

  • Dedicated Team: Rebate processing companies typically have a dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable team processing rebates. Such expertise and knowledge goes a long way in improving efficiency in processing, providing cost-savings, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Cost-Savings: A clear and direct benefit for having a dedicated team of professionals processing your order and rebate fulfillment increased productivity and cuts costs. By diverting your in-house resources to increasing your customer base, the outsourcing company focuses on order accuracy and timely processing.
  • Business Intelligence: Processing data is collected and used for gathering valuable insights, such as customer behavior, preferences, and pricing feedback. An expert outsourcing partner is able to assist in providing such business intelligence.
  • Industry-leading Technology: Rebate outsourcing companies typically use the latest and the most efficient technologies available to process rebates that a manufacturer or a retailer may not have access to.
  • Increased Project Turnaround: Outsourcing rebate fulfillment also results in an improved completion of rebate fulfillment projects. As a core area of business, the majority of outsourcing businesses are able to offer increased project completion simple because they have perfected the process
  • Customer Service and Support: One of the biggest advantages of having a dedicated team handling rebates is the superior customer service and support. This helps to keep your customers satisfied and improve the brand reputation overall.

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