Why Choose Integration, Inc. as your Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Partner?

May 17, 2016

Business Process OutsourcingBusiness Process Outsourcing (BPO) is by definition, “a subset of outsourcing that involves contracting of the operations and responsibilities of specific business functions or processes.” These processes can include any internal function a business is currently keeping in-house, such as EDI processing, check writing services, check printing services, rebate fulfillment processing, third party billing services and barcode labels, among others.

As we’ve previously blogged about, Don’t Wait: Outsourcing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Can Increase Business Performance and Functionality Now, one of the most important details involving BPO is actually choosing the right BPO partner. In case you missed our previous blog article covering why BPO is a great benefit to your business, you can review it now: The Pros and Cons of Business Outsourcing

Considering all the benefits involved and related to partnering with an expert BPO partner to improve in-house business processing, it’s time to consider why Integration, Inc. should be that trusted BPO partner you choose for your business.

Business Process Outsourcing
Integration, Inc. utilizes their 20+ years of BPO industry expertise to resolve information technology issues confronting organizations nationally. Integration, Inc. delivers superior and unrivaled value to every BPO partner and their customers through its exceptional BPA solutions, including:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – by providing immediately cost-effective EDI BPO solutions for complying with EDI regulations and processing requirements for trading partners, Integration, Inc. retains a superior customer satisfaction performance rating and exemplary client performance testimonials.

    “Integration works well with all of our major customers. The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) set-up process is very simple on our end and we always have someone to contact if we have any questions.” –Hayden Valley Foods, Inc.

Check Writing & Check Printing Services – Integration, Inc. manages check writing and check printing services for companies across the globe. By offering custom check design and management, Integration, Inc. delivers unique check processing services by combining check writing and check printing requirements together providing an extremely cost-effective BPO solution.

    “Integration, Inc. is a very efficient and offers a hyper-focused customer service organization. They go out of their way to make sure the customer is taken care of. The service works very well with minimal issues and special requests are taken care of promptly. We have been using them for over 10 years for over 500 customers of ours!” –Escalon, Inc.

Rebate Fulfillment Processing – by managing any size rebate fulfillment project from concept to completion, Integration, Inc. has become a BPO industry-leader. Integration, Inc. provides complete support for every BPO partner, as well as managing all rebate fulfillment details for every project from beginning to end.

    “We have enjoyed working with Integration for almost 16 years! The EDI processes are seamless and we enjoy the additional personalized help when needed.” –Barry’s Bakery

Third Party Billing – As a full-service third party billing BPO industry-leader, Integration, Inc. processes third party billing for companies nationwide and has been for more than 20 years. As experts in third party billing BPO, Integration, Inc. offers complete printing and mailing of your third party billing documents.

    “Integration takes care of our new customers. They are always a big help with any issues. A big thumbs up for Integration!!” –Neuman Bakery Specialties, Inc.

Barcode Labels – Integration, Inc. prides itself in focusing on intimate details and requirements for every BPO partner and related project detail. This includes UCC128 barcode labels and carton markings, which have become a requisite part of the criteria in order for vendors to do business with different customers. This also applies to ASN transactions.

    “I would recommend Integration, Inc. to any company that requires any of the services they provide. Their level of service goes above and beyond.” –Earth Friendly Products

By allowing Integration, Inc. to become your BPO partner and expertly manage your business outsourcing needs, the Integration, Inc. team of experts can help your business increase efficiency and become more cost-effective, thus improving business productivity.

Contact us Integration, Inc. today to see how we can greatly impact the operational efficiency of your company through offering expert BPO partnerships.

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