(EDI) Electronic Data Interchange: Adding EDI to E-Commerce Business

Oct 26, 2018

Any business owner will tell you that one of the most challenging parts of running a successful business is managing the internal details and procedures of that business. From payroll and business documentation to fulfillment processing, controlling margins, managing inventory, managing customer service and more!

In our current business climate of ever-changing technology, there are a series of reasons businesses are choosing to implement EDI into their business solutions. EDI is a mixture of overall documentation standardization and process automation. EDI or Electronic Data Interchange, allows businesses to transfer needed documents electronically and in regulated formats that any business using EDI can send and receive. Bottom line: EDI allows businesses to improve their efficiency, reduce error rates and improve customer satisfaction almost instantly.

3 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Implementing EDI

Allows businesses to combine sales channels and business systems for optimum communication and management of their supply chain.

As your business grows and more and more sales channels are adding to your supply chain, the need for your business to implement a multiple channel approach becomes vital. EDI solutions are able to integrate multiple systems and sales channels and bring them together in order for your business to achieve a truly versatile and accurate retail strategy.

EDI offers accurate, consistent and complete data about your business.

Ever heard the phrase, “garbage in, garbage out”? Your manually updated systems are only as good as the employee that is managing that system or the employees who have access to enter data into the system, or not. With manual data entry, you can never really be certain all the business information is up to date. Human error cannot be eliminated. In terms of EDI on the other hand, all data is added electronically and through an automated system. EDI automation is able to assist your business in being able to see the big picture to make better category, assortment and inventory choices.

In the world of e-commerce, inventory visibility is a primary piece of business success. Manual inventory systems drastically fall short in a technology-driven world. EDI can help your business see where your inventory is at any given time, where it’s being sent from, and where the next destination will be and when it will arrive. All in a matter of seconds. EDI works for e-commerce businesses because it assists with transmitting inventory replenishment data but only after the inventory has reached its threshold. Adding EDI will virtually eliminate your worry about collecting surplus inventory or also running out of inventory.

Make your business more valuable and attractive to business partners

Consumers today rule the e-commerce world. Businesses must keep up with demand or be faced with fall by the way-side. EDI allows your business to do just that, keep up with the mind of the consumer. In order to meet these ever-evolving consumer needs, businesses must become more intuitive, resulting in innovative business partnerships around the world. E-commerce businesses must be able to connect and collaborate with vendors, distributors and more. These businesses need to connect and EDI allows them all to do just that.

EDI automation and compliance can support your business by helping you to keep current trading partners, as well as link you to new partnership opportunities. To learn more about EDI business process outsourcing, contact Integration, Inc. today. Integration, Inc. is an industry-leading business process automation provider specializing in business process automation services, such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), check writingcheck printingcheck processingrebate processingbarcode labels and third party billing to thousands of companies across the globe.

As a primary business process automation outsourcing provider, Integration’s goal is to empower all its client’s to focus on their core areas of expertise, while leaving the business process automation services to our team of experts. This is accomplished by supplying excellent business process automation services that enhance your company’s ability to provide increased reliability and cost savings to your customers.

Integration, Inc. enables your company’s success by providing complete IT outsourcing solutions for business process automation.  As a result, this allows your organization to increase efficiency, by being able to respond rapidly to changing business environments, while meeting your customer’s needs consistently and in a more cost effective manner.


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