How Outsourcing Helps you Build a Better Business

Sep 7, 2016

A detailed resource for knowing what, when and how to outsource business processes.

With any business, be it small or large, there are always portions of a business the owner does not and/or cannot deal with. Depending on the type of person you are, this could include marketing efforts, financial tracking, invoice payment, third party billing, check writing services and many more. So now that you know you want to start a business, or you already have and are wondering how to get help, this article is perfect for you! Here we will explain just how choosing the right outsourcing company can benefit and potentially save your business!

The most important thing to remember is this: many business owners think they can do it all. Plain and simple, you absolutely cannot. It’s time to realize this and accept that you may be outstanding at many tasks, but you simply cannot perfect them all and perform to the level you need in every area of your business forever.  Doing so can substantially stall the growth of any business. By outsourcing the day-to-day back-office tasks, the business owner has more time to focus on generating income.

Taking the first steps to using business outsourcing services can be time-consuming, intimidating and yes, at times overwhelming. One of the most important details to remember is to choose a company to work with that you trust! Also important is determining how to build your business with help from outside professionals. In doing so business outsourcing professionals can offer increased efficiencies and economies of scale.

When Should I think About Adding Business Outsourcing Services?
Different companies require different outsourcing timeline plans. Some businesses have in-house staff to handle daily activities, but may need outside help to undertake new projects that don’t warrant another full-time employee, such as edi, check writing services, rebate fulfillment, barcode labels and third party billing for example. When you and your current employees are unable to proactively manage the day-to-day business of your company, it is time to consider business outsourcing services. Managing a business reactively can be detrimental to the survival of your business. Period.

What Should I Outsource to Increase Productivity for My Business?
The majority of businesses already outsource areas of their business, such as payroll administration or background and criminal checks for employment. This is the outsourcing of old. Today, any in-house business task can be outsourced. You just need to know where to look to find the right business-to-business match for your company. However, just because you can outsource a task doesn’t mean you should.

Before choosing which tasks your business should outsource, intimately review your business records and financials to determine your strengths and values. A good rule of thumb, never outsource any of your core business functionalities. However, when you use third party billing to fulfill an agreement for a core function, this would be an excellent area to outsource. This also holds true for check writing services, edi, rebate fulfillment and more.

The types of tasks that are best outsourced fall into the following three general categories, which include:

  • Highly skilled, or executive, expertise.For example, you may not need to pay a full-time employee to process check writing services, but by adding an outsourcing professional on a monthly basis to complete the check writing or third party billing, your business could save money, while being more productive in other areas
  • Highly repetitive tasks.Accounts payable, data entry, shipping inventory, edi, check writing services, third party billing, rebate fulfillment, etc. could fall into this category.
  • Specialized knowledge.Choose to work with a business that has extensive experience performing the tasks you are looking to outsource. Integration, Inc. specializes in resolving information technology issues confronting small to medium-sized organizations. By allowing Integration, Inc. to complete your business outsourcing needs, we can enable your business to become more efficient and cost effective, thus increasing productivity.

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