What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

Oct 21, 2016

Business process outsourcing (BPO) does not necessarily mean outsourcing to foreign countries. On the contrary, BPO is representative of businesses hiring specialized companies to perform specialized tasks more productively, thus increasing your internal business productivity.

In recent years, the BPO market has seen tremendous growth with varying levels of benefits for organizations looking to streamline their business processes and increase productivity and overall profit margins.

Today, BPO is the most flexible form of outsourcing, involving a close relationship between the customer and the outsourcing service provider. Through this process, a third party agency performs tasks, such as payroll, check printing and check writing services, third party billing, barcode labels, electronic data interchange (EDI), rebate processing and rebate fulfillment, etc. By choosing to partner with an outsourcing service provider, your business gains a specialized processing system from an expert. This allows your business to avoid common errors in processing, eliminate productivity issues, and concentrate on other important areas of your business.

Important BPO advantages to consider includes the way in which it increases an organization’s flexibility. It involves outsourcing key processes of a business to an outside organization, which then involves sharing confidential data with that third party organization. BPO can be advantageous because of the following:

  • BPO is connected to Shareholder value so any increase in productivity and overall profit is a benefit
  • BPO largely increases a businesses’ efficiency and productivity, leading to great gains
  • BPO produces cost savings for businesses in addition to increasing productivity
  • A good BPO provider will offer exceptional technical support backed by increased security for the entire business process


If you have not already considered working with an experienced outsourcing service provider, it is time to review the benefits. As a society, when we are sick we see a physician, when we need law advice we see an attorney. When looking to increase the productivity of your business it is smart to consider a specialized business expert.

For more information about business process outsourcing and how BPO can benefit your business, visit: https://www.integrationinc.com/


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