How to Choose an EDI Processing Expert

Feb 28, 2020

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the primary solution for automating business-to-business data exchange for retail and business partners alike. EDI is one of the quickest ways for organizations to process data integration. But why? EDI drastically reduces manual workload, while simultaneously reducing data exchange error rates. These two functions combined with excessive cost savings, makes adding EDI to your business a win-win.

“The comprehensive adoption of EDI leading to completely hands-free order processing can decrease a retailer’s order-to-shipment cycle by 50%”, According to recent research conducted by Supply Chain Insights. As organization considering adding EDI for data exchange, it is important to note that the increase of EDI standards has been occurring for nearly five decades.

Clearly this is an ever-evolving data integration process requiring an accurate system in order to stay successful. With all the established EDI standards made throughout this time, the ideal EDI solution should be able to provide support for all the established EDI standards out there. The best way to accomplish this and stay competitive in a tech-driven business economy is by partnering with an expert EDI managed service provider, such as Integration, Inc.

EDI Integration

EDI managed service

While most large retail suppliers use EDI to manage a wide range of their business information, many still have questions around choosing the best conversion and exchange system that is right for them. Integration, Inc. works to simplify this transition and works to streamline the EDI implementation process, freeing your business team to work on other, more core areas of the business.

EDI is not a one-size-fits-all solution, especially since many organizations employ their own unique set of processing rules. Working with an EDI managed service provider like Integration, Inc., allows businesses with supply chain managers to choose the right system for their specific needs and to work with an expert to establish EDI implementation correctly.

EDI processing: In-house or Managed Services?

A managed EDI service provider like Integration, Inc. works to streamline and coordinate data exchange processing and is responsible for all the major components necessary for EDI processing, which includes:

  • the translation hardware/software
  • managing the communication network
  • mapping
  • IT and technical support
Edi Solutions

If your company decides to manage these services in-house, this means your business is responsible for providing the software needed to reconcile EDI documents with your trading partners, and although EDI is a standard-based solution, documents will be slightly different for each trading partner based on different internal business processes from company to company. By partnering with a managed EDI provider, your business will be able to consolidate resources, increase efficiency and increase accuracy, resulting in processing cost savings & more!

Meet Integration Inc.

Integration, Inc. is an industry-leading organization specializing in EDI managed services. As an EDI managed services provider, Integration’s goal is to empower all its clients to focus on their core areas of expertise, while leaving the business process automation services to our team of experts. Integration, Inc. associates have served hundreds of business entities by assisting them with their business process challenges.

Integration, Inc.’s business process outsourcing services are more cost effective than your business continuing to process these services in-house:

Specializing in:
(1) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), including consulting, transaction processing & training.
(2) Remote check writing and check printing services.
(3) Rebate program management and processing.
(4) Third party billing, invoice processing, outsource billing and remittance.
(5) Barcode labeling (UCC128 labels).

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