Ask Yourself: Is it Time to Outsource Your Check Writing and Check Printing Needs?

Feb 24, 2016

outsource your check writing and check printing needsThere are so many vital tasks a business owner must complete successfully to remain relevant and grow in our ever-changing business world. Think about it, between deciding how to grow your customer base, creating unique marketing and branding efforts, managing employees, establishing new business partnerships, and of course planning for the future of your company, business owners can quickly become overwhelmed and/or stretched for the proper amount of time needed to complete all these tasks well. Now add administrative processing, such as check printing and check writing to the mix.

Knowing that your time and your employee’s time should be used wisely, the question is: Should more time be spent on high-value activities that can support the company’s growth and less on administrative work? It’s really a no-brainer.

In the past check writing and check printing processes have been manual. Using manual check writing and check printing processes results in numerous amounts of employee time being consumed. And the results can be, at times, less than ideal when considering human transaction errors. Taking into account the cost of labor, amount of employee errors and employee time consumption, it is logical to wonder if your check writing and check printing process is as productive as it should be.

The simple answer is probably not. As with many business processes, check writing and check printing internal business tasks should be outsourced simply based on the cost-savings and increase in employee productivity. For example, paper invoicing, which is still actively used today, relies on printing, stuffing, and adding postage to envelopes. It also includes reconciling bills, issuing bills and sorting through files to accomplish this. Adding all these efforts together can drag an accounts receivable process into long windows of time and even over-time expenses all in the name of processing check writing and check printing needs in-house.

If you have not considered outsourcing your check printing and check writing process at this point, you should. There is no reason not to increase your business productivity and gain cost-savings at the same time by outsourcing your check writing and check printing needs.

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