How Time-Consuming is Your Business Check Writing and Check Printing Process?

Feb 29, 2016

The following is a typical 15-step process for business check writing and check printing:

  1. Employee requests approval on payment
  2. Employee follows up to review payments
  3. Approvers review requests, consider any issues/request any additionally needed documentation
  4. Employee retrieves files, searches files, sends files for final approval
  5. Employee adjusts payments as-needed
  6. Employee checks approvals, reviews documentation, provides final approval to complete check writing and check printing
  7. Employee adjusts accounting system and prepares to complete check printing process
  8. Employee verifies check paper stock, gets the printer ready, allows a test check printing document to run, and pays attention to detail to correct misprints
  9. Employee performs the check printing run
  10. Employee attains signatures for checks once they are printed
  11. Official employee reviews printed checks for accuracy
  12. Employee provides documentation for any questions regarding check writing and check printing run.
  13. Employee makes necessary corrections to check payment amounts in accounting system and re-runs check printing as-needed
  14. Employee stuffs checks in envelopes, applies stamps, and mails the check envelopes when complete
  15. Employee creates positive pay check issue file to send to the bank to prevent check fraud

Check writing and check printing

How long do you think the check writing and check printing process takes? Is it time to outsource your check writing and check printing needs?

The first step in deciding if outsourcing check writing and check printing is right for you is to determine what your hidden costs are and what potential there is for time and cost savings. For more information regarding cost-savings, refer to our blog article from earlier this week, Top 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Check Writing and Check Printing Services.

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